Design by AirSys Tech Inc.

It is our strong belief that as a Air System Provider, we are mandated to bring objectivity and value to our customers’ projects, large or small. We assure that we are diligent to these values by developing a close relationship with customers, starting with an accurate definition of scope and deliverables, and providing the highest quality products, workmanship, expertise and organization to each project. We maintain a level of flexibility in our staffing to allow for immediate response to our customers ever changing demands. While each project scope is uniquely tailored to each client, our typical project involves one or more of these phases:

Phase 1: Planning, Conceptual Design and Costing

Business plan review, objective and goal development, management interviews, operations audit, benchmarking analysis, current condition assessment, data collection and analysis, conceptual solution development and evaluation, solution simulation, consolidation and expansion options, logistics study and ROI analysis.

Phase 2: Detail Design Development

Detail facility layout planning, equipment system design, material handling system design, manufacturing, operating process documentation, system and software requirements, project organization and timeline development, and equipment specifications.

Phase 3: Project Implementation

Project management, equipment installation coordination, material handling implementation, system start-up/de-bug and system training.