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Often seen as more a nuisance more than anything, dust collection can be a vital part of any system. Designed properly it can often help prevent shut downs, increase productivity and make maintenance easier and more cost effective.

With a bad design or the wrong equipment, what started as a minor problem can become a nightmare. AirSys represents some of the best manufactures in the market. With equipment to collect almost any dust that can be collected. With 25 years of dust collection experience and manufactures with over a hundred years backing us up, we can help solve your dust challenges.

The types of dusts collected are as numerous as the ways to collect it and filter it. Each with its own properties that make it easy or hard to collect and filter. Please see our resource section for more information on the types and properties of different dust (coming soon).

Bag House Dust Collector - AirLanco RLP

For some applications one of the most efficient and cost effective dust collector models is the baghouse. In baghouse collectors, the dust filled air stream passes through fabric bags that filter the dust particles. Bags are made of different material such as woven or felted cotton, synthetic, or glass-fiber. Cleaned by compressed air, a external blower package to a reverse air fan. These filters are among the most common dust collection systems.

Low-Pressure Reverse Air Filters are engineered for efficient operation in demanding installations with high airflow and high dust loads. Mechanical simplicity makes these weathertight filters mechanically superior. They are more reliable, more durable, more economical, and maintain lower, more consistent emission levels than competing units.

The reverse air design utilizes an on-board direct-drive fan that minimizes energy consumption and maintenance costs by eliminating the need for compressed air or external blowers. The chain-driven 1-rpm cleaning arm eliminates the need for special gearing and timing devices and cleans every filter bag with every revolution to maintain peak filtration efficiency. Years of use by major processors in diverse industries attest to their outstanding long-term performance.
Pulse Jet Filters
Pulse Jet Filters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and filter bag layouts to fit a broad range of applications. But the cleaning cycle is typically the same throughout. Dust-laden air or gas enters the Pulse Jet Filter through a hopper inlet where it is directed toward a deflector that slows the airflow and causes heavier particles to fall directly into the hopper.

Lighter airborne particles follow the air stream into the filter area and collect on the outside surfaces of the bag filters. The filtered air then flows into the clean air plenum and exits the unit. Sequential signals from a timer open valves allowing short bursts of compressed air to reverse the airflow in each row of bags. This dislodges the surface dust from the bags so that it falls into the hopper.

For industrial processes such as bin venting, general dust collection and material handling. Compact in size, the pulse jet baghouse can be installed inside or outside.
Pulse Jet Filters - UAS MIB Baghouse
Cartridge Collectors
Cartridge dust collectors effectively remove harmful dusts and smoke from industrial processes. Situated inside a factory or outdoors, these collectors are expandable in the field at anytime due to their modular design.

Using pulse-jet cleaning technology to continuously clean cartridge filters without having to shut down. The result is more energy to clean the entire length of the filter; fewer pulses needed to clean filters; and increased cartridge filter life.

Air volumes range from 510 CFM to 62,280 CFM, depending on the quantity and types of filter cartridges used.
Cartridge Dust Collector - UAS SFC Filter

Shaker Style Collectors
Shaker-style dust collectors effectively capture airborne pollutants at the source, as well as clean their own filter media upon shutdown. Ideal for intermittent industrial processes like bin ventilation, grinding, packaging and sanding.

The shaker-style dust collector provides energy savings by self-cleaning the filter media without using compressed air. Upon shutdown, shaker dust collectors automatically shake the filter media free of dust. Additionally, routine inspections and filter change outs are quick and tool free.

Nominal airflow ranges between 280 CFM and 8,232 CFM.
Shaker Dust Collector - UAS SDC Filter

Cyclone dust collectors effectively remove large to moderate size particles from dust producing processes. These high-efficiency dust collectors can be used alone or in conjunction with an after-filter collector, and can be installed inside or outside of any facility.

The cyclone offers a variety of configurations to fit your needs. Among these configurations, you can design or select inlet and discharge options specific to the amount of dust generated. And depending on your facility’s process, you can add an after-filter to collect smaller contaminants.

Cyclone Dust Collector - UAS C-Series


Conveyor Filtration System (CFS)

UAS CFS is designed for low clearance tunnels and limited access areas. The UAS CFS is built for transferring and conveying bulk materials that generate process dust. The dust produced presents air quality, safety and maintenance challenges for you and the UAS CFS provides a safe, effective and convenient solution to control these process emissions with a solution that integrates directly to the material conveyor.

UAS Conveyor-Filtration-System

Wet Scrubbers
Impinjet Wet Scrubbers
Impinjet wet scrubbers clean, cool and absorb odors, vapors and gases as well as collect particulates. High collection efficiencies (98+% @5 microns) are achieved with low water consumption and minimum pressure drop. Capacities to 200,000+ CFM.

Highly resistant to fouling, the Impinjet Scrubber is the ideal scrubber for applications requiring both absorption and particulate removal.
Constructed in either metal or plastic, each scrubber stage acts as a discreet fractional collector. Multiple stage scrubber designs are available to maximize efficiencies.

Venturi Wet Scrubbers
Venturi Scrubbers efficiently collects fine particulate and mists. Scrubbing liquid is atomized into fine droplets. Adjustable throats for performance optimization are standard. Capacities to 100,000+ CFM
Designs are available for high temperature, highly corrosive applications. Venturis can be coupled with Impinjet scrubbers to achieve maximum efficiencies.

Eductor Wet Scrubbers
Eductor scrubbers are designed to remove soluble gases and particulate by inducing a gas flow using high pressure liquid focused into a venturi throat. Additionally, eductor scrubbers can be used for direct-contact condensation.
A high liquid flow rate makes the eductor particularly appropriate for collection of sticky and/or gummy particulate, as well as gases which decompose upon contact with water.

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