Filtration Media

Media is the base of every system. Without it a media style dust collector is basically a box with air (or water when it’s the media), really not all the use full in filtering dust. Below are some of the types of media used. AirSys can supply you with all your media needs.


Cartridges come in all shapes, sizes and types of material. AirSys offers replacement 
cartridges of nearly all designs of every major manufacturer of cartridge-style dust collectors. This includes all major media: cellulose/polyester blends, cellulose flame retardant, cellulose/polyester flame retardant, carbon impregnated, spun-bonded, or PTFE surface treatment. Custom cartridges can be fabricated if a sample or specifications are provided.

Filter Cartridges
AirSys is pleased to be able to provide Advanced Nanofiber media cartridges. Rated at MERV 15, replacement cartridges with nanofiber technology include a surface treatment of the finest synthetic nanofibers used in any current filtration product. Exceptionally small in size, these fibers are about 50% finer than the “other” nanofiber filtration technology, are more durable, with better moisture and temperature resistance and stronger adhesion to the media substrate.

These superior filters bring remarkable advantages including:
·        Capture of submicron particles and reduction of dust collector emissions by 50%, resulting in cleaner workplace air
·        The industry’s best surface-loading technology to enhance dust cake release, leading to extended filter life
·        Better cleaning efficiency with fewer pulses and significantly less compressed air usage
·        Lower pressure drop over

Filter Bags and Cages


Bags are one of the most common filtration methods. With all sizes and collectors containing thousands of bags in some cases finding the best bag is important. AirSys can supply any of your bag needs from standard to custom we can help.  AirSys offers virtually all types of replacement dust collector bags, including any size or style. This encompasses all major fabrics, such as Nomex®, polyester, polypropylene, Ryton®, P-84, cotton, PTFE, membrane and Teflon®. The replacement bags are for nearly any other dust collector manufacturer.

HEPA & 95% DOP
When emission control is a must AirSys can help.
For near HEPA efficiency (higher than MERV 16, but less than HEPA), choose United Air Specialists’ 95% DOP panel filters. Our filters are 95% efficient on 0.3 micron particles, and offer high efficiency with lower resistance. Typical applications include food processing plants, pharmaceutical facilities and precision manufacturing.

When HEPA filtration is specified, United Air Specialists offers standard and high-capacity HEPA filters for air flow applications up to 500 fpm. Our HEPAs are 99.97-99.99% efficient on 0.3 micron particles. These filters can be used as a stand-alone cleaning source or as a safety after-filter on a dust collector when air needs to be re-circulated back into a facility. Each HEPA filter is individually tested at rated flow to ensure the highest quality before being shipped