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In welding and grinding operations, workers are in a daily contact with harmful particulate. Welding fumes are up to 80 percent submicron-sized particles. Making most of these particles respirable (enter the lungs), which makes it critical to have reliable, high performance fume collectors, weld fume extraction and weld smoke filters that collect the fume before it reaches the breathing zone when possible.

AirSys Tech Inc. has a full line of fume extraction and filtration products to handle regular gasoline, diesel, or natural gas engines. Inhaling exhaust fumes are very harmful to your health and in some case contain carcinogens (cause cancer). Oskar’s products are designed to capture exhaust fumes from their origin so they are not inhaled. AirSys’s product line will keep your facility clean of exhaust fumes.    

Source Capture
Portable or stationary systems allow fumes or particulate to be captured at the source. Combined with extraction arms, hose reels, rails systems, down draft benches we can help prevent the hazards of the fumes from process equipment.

Portable or Wall Mount Fume Collector
Portable and effective. The W-Series Collector can be wall mounted or portable and packs an impressive list of features.
Portable Fume Collector - UAS W-Series

The V Series Collector can be a bench, a portable collector or a stationary collector.
UAS V-Series Family


Bench Style Dust Collector - UAS

Ambient Capture
Occasionally source capture is not an option. When that happens an ambient system may work. With lots of options we can help find a solution.
Ambient Collector - UAS SCA Collector

Extraction Arms
Extraction arms collect fumes, smoke and other airborne pollutants at the source. Positioned directly over a process, the swing arm can be used in combination with a dust or mist collector or stand alone. This source capture equipment ensures a clean environment for workers in many industrial processes.
Fume Extraction Arm - UAS XA

Cross Ventilation

Remove fine airborne dust from industrial processes while allowing workers complete freedom of movement. The MCB is an obstruction-free dust collector that uses cross-draft ventilation to eliminate hazardous contaminants before they reach a worker’s breathing zone. Ideal for applications where source capture is impractical—like grinding, sanding and abrasive blasting—the MCB is easy to install, extremely quiet and requires no tools for filter change outs.

Cross Ventilation Collector - UAS MCB

Hose Reels
Exhaust hose reels are designed for the extraction of car and truck gases emitted at the tail pipe. The hose reels are suitable for vehicle service and storage facilities as well as hard to reach areas for many other types of fumes and gases. Motorized or spring return we can help find a reel that suits the application.

Rail Systems
Sliding suction rail is designed to easily access and remove gas and dust pollutants from working area. It can work together with self-supporting fume arms or flexible hose for removing hazardous fumes and exhaust. 

Dust Collection by AirSys                            Mist Collection by AirSys

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