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New York Blower's (NYB) ever expanding product line...

posted Dec 2, 2013, 9:30 AM by Ernest McCutcheon
Over the last couple of years The New York Blower Company has worked hard to respond to customer needs by expanding an already large product line. 

Some of the major additions to NYB's line of fans include:
This high capacity  product utilizes a high efficiency, backward curved wheel to achieve flows to 300,000 CFM and pressures to 40". It is positioned to continue on where the AF Fan line leaves off extending nyb's high capacity fan lines volumetric airflow capability. BC Fans are designed around four static pressure points; the BC 15 and 20 utilize a wheel design with no center blade reinforcements while the BC 30 and 40 each use unique reinforcement designs to achieve required speeds.

HPBC fans are designed for clean-air applications, but are capable of handling moist or light particulate-laden airstreams. Air-handling efficiencies of the HPBC fans are higher than common radial fans and, therefore, offer lower noise levels.

The new fans are ideally suited for a wide range of clean-air applications requiring a tight footprint. Typical uses include pneumatic conveying, product drying, product cooling, supply air and exhaust on the clean-air side of dust collection systems.

All these products make NYB the first and best choice for all your air movement needs.

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